Tip: If you are receiving false "Door Open/Closed" alerts there's a different solution for you, click here.

The SafElert uses vibrations rather than sight to detect movement. If the device is moved or shaken, it will send a movement alert if you have it setup to do so.


Some people have received movement alerts even though they did not move or shake the safe or the device. Some common reasons why you may receive a movement alert are:

  • If you have the SafElert Velcroed to the inside wall of your safe, it may send an alert over time as the Velcro slowly separates from the wall.
  • Large vibrations from outside stimulus such as a large truck driving past your home or someone running past the safe may trigger an alert.


To solve these issues you may want to

  • Remove the SafElert from the safe wall if it is Velcroed on there and place the SafElert on a flat surface within the safe. 
  • Turn "Movement" alerts off and make sure that "Door Open/Close" alerts are turned on.

If the above steps do not solve your problem or for additional information please send us a support ticket.