Tip: If you are receiving occasional "Loss of Internet Connection" alerts there's a different solution for youclick here.

If you have been receiving consistent "Loss of Internet Connection" alerts and your Elertus/SafElert is not connected, follow the suggestions below to help troubleshoot the issue:


If you have recently changed your Wi-Fi router and/or your network password you need to go through the initial setup by following these instructions and input the new Wi-Fi network information. If you do not have a new Wi-Fi router or new password, proceed to the next step.


Reboot your Wi-Fi router by unplugging it for 15-20 seconds and plugging it back in. Wait for a minute or so and press the little, white button on the Elertus/SafElert device. If it goes green, your device is now connected. If it stays red, continue to the next step. 


Double check that you have the correct name and password for the Wi-Fi network you are attempting to connect to. Then, go through the initial setup by following these instructions. If the problem persists, please create a support ticket by clicking here. Please include your account's primary email address and the make and model of the wireless router.