Tip: If you are receiving consistent "Loss of Internet Connection" alerts there's a different solution for you, click here.

If you have been receiving the occasional "Loss of Internet Connection" alerts but your Elertus/SafElert is still connected, follow the suggestion below to help troubleshoot the issue:


Do a range test by taking your Elertus/SafElert Sensor close to your Wi-Fi router and pressing the little, white button on the device.


Note the time and time zone of when you do this test and contact us by sending us a support ticket or an email at support@elertus.com if the light on your Elertus/SafElert goes green and connects. Let us now the time you did the test and we can check and see the signal strength.


If it connects with a strong signal, there may be a distance issue between the router and the Elertus/SafElert device.

If there is a distance issue you can:


Plug in the external antenna if you don't have it plugged in.


Move the Wi-Fi router closer to the Elertus/SafElert device.


Purchase a Wi-Fi extender and install it near where your Elertus/SafElert is installed.