Adding or changing alerts for the Elertus/SafElert device can be done through the online control center or through the smartphone/tablet app. The instructions below are for the online control center.




In your internet browser go to the online control center here:

Pick the control center that you want to access. For the Elertus sensor pick the Elertus Control Center. For the Liberty SafElert sensor pick the Liberty Control Center.


Enter in your "Email Address" and "Password" and click "Sign In."


Click "Alerts" on the menu bar.


If you have more than one SafElert in your account, use the top drop down menu to select which SafElert you are configuring alerts for.


On the second drop down menu, select what contact you are setting alerts for.


Turn alerts on and off by clicking the corresponding button for the alert. When you have selected the alerts you want, be sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.


You will receive a pop-up message instructing you to press the little, white button on the SafElert sensor to sync your settings now. Otherwise the settings will update automatically within 60 minutes. Click "Done" to finish.